We, David Ross and Louisette Tremblay, live one kilometer outside Ottawa's urban boundary, west of Kanata-Stittsville.  We have five adult children, although a few of them are resisting the term "adult" for now.  To be fair, the boys (twins) are 18 and just finished high school here in 2022.

We have just a few acres of open area to farm and garden, and 40 acres of mature woodland that includes some wetland and a mix of tree species including Eastern White Cedar, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Black Cherry, Burr Oak, Poplar, Balsam Fir, Elm, and a lot of Ash that has been killed by the Emerald Ash Borer insect.

We have followed our interests in land stewardship, soil building, market gardening, and poultry raising (especially heritage poultry) to form a very small farm business.

David also enjoys writing short stories about many topics related to our farm, starting a farm, small farms, and the macro issues facing the world where our environment, lifestyles, and food production intersect. These short stories are published weekly on the Home page.

We hope this work provides you with entertainment, education, and perhaps some wholesome food, raised as our great grandparents did.

Feel free to connect with us anytime at info@oakcreekforestandfarm.com.